Centricity FAQs

Q: When do I start using ICD-10 codes?

A: Starting October 1, 2015, practices are to use ICD-10 codes.


Q: What will happen if I use ICD-9 codes after October 1, 2015?

A: There is an increase likelihood of delayed payments and/or rejected claims.


Q: If a physician does not sign off on their medical records by September 30, 2015, what will happen to the Office Visit document?

A: Nothing will happen to the document itself, but the charges might not go through.


Q: How do I bill for inpatient services with dates pre & post October 1, 2015?

A: For inpatient services, charges may need to be entered on two different claim forms since ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes cannot be entered on the same claim.


Q: What does the pop up mean when I put in ICD-10 orders in Centricity?

A: We all know ICD-10 codes are much more specific than ICD-9 codes.  Therefore, when a brand new ICD-10 code is used (that does not have a corresponding ICD-9 code) you will get the pop up.


Q: What do I do when the pop up appears in Orders screen?

A: Simply Click YES and you will be able to bypass the pop up.


Q: Why do I have to reorder future orders/tests?  Isn’t updating the existing order with ICD-10 code sufficient?

A: In order for the tests to interface into Copia, it is imperative the tests be reordered.  Updating the ICD-10 code in Centricity will not update the order in Copia.


Q: Can I use the Problem form (with check boxes)?

A: Although the form has been updated with ICD-10 codes, they may not be the most specific.  Additionally, some codes have “X” in them as a place holder, and you will have to find the more specific code.  Therefore, our recommendation is to use the Search box.


Q: Will the Code Type drop down stick to ICD-10 in the Problem Search box?

A: We are hoping the next KB update will fix that.  We will keep you posted if that changes.