Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is MediMobile ICD-10 ready?

A:  Yes, according to their website, MediMobile is ICD-10 ready.  Training will be done through the vendor.  More information can be found at: https://www.medimobile.com/uploads/4/5/1/7/45170489/medimobile_icd-10_preparation.pdf  and https://www.medimobile.com/uploads/4/5/1/7/45170489/medimobiles_icd-10_solution.pdf.


Q: What are the “Z” codes?

A: “Z” codes are the ICD-10 equivalent of the “V” codes in ICD-9.  Things like examinations, vaccines, status of procedures, can all be found in the “Z” chapter.  They are used exactly the same as the V codes.  Some, such as the exams, can be used as primary and others, such as long term use of medication will be used as informational.


Q: How are bilateral symptoms or diseases coded?

A: For some bilateral symptoms or diseases, such as osteoarthritis of the hip, there is a specific code for bilateral (M16.0) and a separate code for unilateral unspecified (M16.10), unilateral right (M16.11) and unilateral left (M16.12).  For other bilateral symptoms or diseases such as hip pain, there is no code for bilateral hip pain.  In the instances where there is not a bilateral code, both the right hip pain (M25.551) and the left hip pain (M25.552) need to be coded to indicate the condition is occurring bilaterally.


Q: Is there a specific hierarchy to the ICD-10 codes?

A: The ICD-10 Coding Guidelines are very similar to the ICD-9 guidelines.  Signs and symptoms can be codes until a definitive diagnosis is obtained.  Any signs and symptoms that are part of a specific illness or diagnosis are not usually coded separately.  The primary reason the provider is seeing the patient for that encounter should be the first listed diagnosis.


Q: Medicare is allowing a 1-year grace period for ICD-10.  What does that mean?

A: Medicare will allow a claim to be paid if the ICD-10 code is in the correct “family” even if it is not the most specific code.  “Family” as defined by CMS is the first three characters.  Note that there HAS NOT been any correspondence from any commercial insurance company that is offering the same grace period.  HTPN recommendation is to code to the highest level of specificity possible for all insurances.


Q: I heard that insurance companies will not pay on the “unspecified” codes.  Is that correct?

A: We do not have any concrete information regarding the unspecified codes.  While insurance companies may be willing to pay an unspecified code for an initial visit or two, after a while, the expectation will be that the provider does have more information regarding the specifics of the problem and will be expected to code accordingly.